26 Days Book


We live in a world of misconceptions. We can be led down the wrong path mentally, physically, and spiritually by what is on the Internet, TV, and on our mobile phones. And this includes the Vegan and Vegetarian diets. 

After starting and stopping a blog for nearly ten years, I completed 26 Days; A Whole Food Plant-Based Diet and What You Need to Know; a collection of diaries on how I challenged myself to not just diet but how I transformed my diet. It was amazing to me that I didn't know my fruits and vegetables like I thought I did. 

There are very few of us who know how to eat produce. Sure, we eat salads and a side of vegetables, but do we know how to prepare a complete plant-based meal? The more I prepared meals with a focus of just plant-based foods, it was like learning a whole new language when I kept asking myself why I didn't know this.

Eating vegetarian or vegan is not always the answer. The struggle with being 100% vegetarian is also not the answer.

However, what we accept as normal everyday knowledge is what we believe to be true. Like for example, just because I eat plant-based doesn't mean I don't eat meat. I focus the majority of my lunches or meals around plant-based foods but I'm often asked if I ever eat meat. (Who says I don't eat meat?)

The truth is, why is meat (and cheese) have to be a staple in what we eat? Why can't we choose to eat meat and cheese as a delicacy like ordering oysters and lamb on occasion? 

Let's start asking why we eat the way we do and what we like to drink.  Let’s rationalize the beliefs of what we think is true while sharing a meal with each other and perhaps we will find a healthier future. 

Hi. My name is Claudia Nicole Castro. I eat plant-based, I love great meat and the finest cheeses, and love to have it all with wine.