Richard and I in Armstrong Woods

In the early 1970's, Orange County was primarily strawberry fields and orange groves. My father used to drive us all four girls and my mom into Irvine and through Santiago Canyon on days just to get us out of the house. Those drives of smelling the oranges and fields of juniper with my head sticking out of the car were the beginnings of seeking peace and pleasures that I later only found stored in a bottle. Only later in life did I find how truly lucky I was to grow up in California. The simple pleasures of earthy smells and warm days throughout the year are what have made me who I am today. 

I've been in sales throughout my career and although I'm still an Sales Executive in Los Angeles, I can live outside as I walk to work in the sunshine - at least today I can. 

My husband and I did a lot of soul searching when the housing market started to heat up in Los Angeles and like many others, we got creative. We decided to buy a home in Northern California to visit as often as we could and the excitement has never ended. 

We love wine, good food and golf. 

We are always seeking the luxuries of life but always seem to find the purest luxury in the rustic lifestyle. With what is trending these days, it's almost like turning back the clock of affordability when it comes to finding what's truly luxury and healthy. 

Here's to bringing you a lifestyle of healthy food and wine in simple luxuries.