Flowered Toast at Kendall Jackson's wine pairing lunch

Flowered Toast at Kendall Jackson's wine pairing lunch

Welcome to Wine Body and Spirit

More than ever before, there are new foods emerging; from jackfruit, cashew cheese, tofu sour cream and many more from our plant-based community. Never before has the non-eating meat eaters had so much impact on our food culture. There is a lot to learn about the chemically changing effects this has on our bodies too. It's not about just losing weight, it's about getting healthy. 

But what does this mean? 

There is a lot of confusion as to what is considered a luxury and what is not when considering foods. I find often that what actually is a luxury is what is simple and good for you not the other way around. Richness doesn't always have to be found in the foods that make us fat. 

Take wine for example. There is such a difference between bad wine and incredibly good wine like the difference between great foods and unhealthy foods. However, we have it backward; healthy food shouldn't taste like cardboard boxes and good wine shouldn't always give you a headache. 

Let's start with your taste buds. 

If we think of getting healthy like training our bodies, why don't we train our taste buds? If most people can understand how the taste buds of a smoker change when he/she stops smoking, then isn't it the same effect of a carnivore who stops eating meat? Do healthy foods really not taste like anything or is it your palette that might be accustomed to the nitrates that suppress your ability to taste food? This is what I have had to think about. This is what I found in my diaries called 26 Days; A Plant-Based Diet and What You Need to Know.

Welcome to Wine, Body and Spirit where I share what I'm learning. I want to continue promoting how living simple is the absolute luxury. It's not about living below your means, it's about increasing your means with simple living. This is much more than learning how to pair healthy food with wine although I'm very much working on that and will continue to purse that endeavor!

As I learn how truly wine is a luxury, I understand how not to over rate it. Wine is what a farmer works so hard for. It's that moment of having a glass of wine where one indulges -- on the back porch! 

I can show you how the richness of great food can be found in it's simplicity too. Like the fisherman who can eat the scallops right out of the shell -- on the boat he just caught it in. It's about when to have succulent ribs and when to stick with cashew cream. This is the place to find and share ideas on healthy food while also finding great wine information.

Let me help you start to unscramble the confusion in your head. It starts with exercise, breathing, walking, eating what's good for you, but ultimately drinking good wine  too.

Share your ideas here and let's start the conversation. Let's indulge in ways we never thought we could.