Ditch the Dress - Bring a Swimsuit Instead

Bring a Swimsuit When Wine Tasting Here


What a great afternoon when we rented kayaks on the Russian River. Remember the days when people didn’t care about dressing to impress because there was no social media? The days when we listened to classic rock and ate sandwiches from the back of cars?  This place was like going back in the seventies during my childhood days.

This is the feeling I had at Johnson’s Beach. There are no showy, pretentious crowds here. It’s clean, family friendly and includes a snack bar you'll find when you follow the boardwalk. You'll find burgers, root beer floats and drinks including beer and wine.

Here are 6 Things To Remember When Going to The River:

  1. Choose taking your kayak, canoe, paddle boat or tube out for the day instead of for an hour. (It’s $40 per person for the day.) Unless you’re taking a quick spin between wine tastings which isn’t such a bad idea either, having the day to enjoy this beautifully serene and scenic excursion is time well spent.
  2. Take a small waterproof bag for snacks including bottled water to stop for a break on one of the pebble beaches you’ll find down the river.
  3. Go during the later part of the afternoon if you can. The water sparkles during the late afternoon and it’s just beautiful.
  4. Take a waterproof camera unless you think you won't drop your $600 Nikon in the river while on a kayak.
  5. If you’re opting to go just for the hour, make sure you have a watch. Don’t count on asking people on the river for the time. We asked three parties along the river and no one knew the time nor were they concerned about it.  Why would they?

The next time you go wine tasting, don’t hesitate to wear your swimsuit and take a towel. Whether it’s a quick jaunt in the river or an afternoon relaxing on the river, spending time here is a great way to see it's beauty instead of seeing it while driving over a bridge, (although that’s part of enjoying the beauty too).