What To Keep in Your Wine Bag

That’s right. If you keep a diaper bag, why not a wine bag?  

Let me tell you what to always keep in your wine bag – even if it’s the one you pick up at the grocery store after buying a dozen bottles for 10% off. If you have a busy lifestyle like us and you never know when you're going to need those little extras for a picnic, these items are worth keeping handy when you’re on the go, grabbing it on your way out, or like me, keeping it now in my car.

We have three nice wine bags but if they’re not filled with necessary items, we might as well not bring them to the picnic. These are items you don’t think to take with you until you're laying out your food and saying, "ughhhhh!!".

Here are top 7 items to keep in your wine bag.

  1. Tiny cutting board
  2. Cheese knife good enough to cut sausage
  3. Cloth napkins – not paper. You’re likely to throw out paper napkins and you'll have to remember each time to stock up. Cloth napkins make pseudo place mats too.
  4. Plastic wine cups – not red cups and not the plastic kind you throw away. Sure you may find plastic cups someone else brought but if you forgot them, you better be prepared to drink from the bottle.
  5. Wine Opener – Just have an extra one in your bag at all times. This would be the worst thing to forget.
  6. If you're bag doesn't come with insulation, have one in your wine bag or a reusable water bottle to keep your wine chilled or at room temperature.
  7. A table cloth - you can get these at the dollar store and just keep in your bag too. 
Malibu Wine Tasting.jpg

Sure, you’ll have plates, forks and plastic knives that came with your takeout food but it's good to keep those in your bag too. However, I was so glad to have the above items already in my bag. All I had to do is remember to add a bottle of wine.

If you keep these items in your wine bag all the time, you’ll have 1) something to drink your wine in 2) something to open your bottle 3) something to cut any cheese or sausage 4) something to clean up your spill and 5) something to cut your sausage and cheese on instead of your napkins that you’ll end up needing for that spill.

Now, go on a picnic! Just make sure you have a picnic blanket in your trunk too!